Komlóska is a settlement of 330 people who belong to the Ruthenian national minority. The little village known as "the pearl of Zemplén" can be found in the Zemplén mountains. Komlóska has been visited by more and more tourists recenty, for its beautifuly natural enviornment, ruins of castle and hospitalble Ruthenian inhabitants. 9 kms long bothanical path "seam" with its 500-meter level difference and 13 stations serves the introduction of the most important sights of the natural enviornment.  The castle of Solymos, a favourite destination of day-trippers is in the fields. More than a half of the inhabitants of Komlóska are pensionists. People live and maintain their families in reduced circumstances 
Introduction of the Library
Librarian:  Marina 
The library of Komlóska is the public library and also the school library of the village. It is used by adults and children living here as well as by guests arriving to collect materials for their presentations or theses.  Besides the yearly budget, financial subsidies won in tenders and donations help the development of the library, so its collection consists of nearly 4000 books. 
Komlóskai Ruszin Nemzetiségi ÁMK Könyvtára
3937 Komlóska Rákóczi u. 27.
Tel: 47/338-127,
E-mail: komloska@t-online.hu