The village of Kenézlő is a scenic settlement at the corner of Bodrogköz, embraced by two rivers, Tisza and Bodrog.  Its conditions made this place one of the earliest ones occupied by the first Magyar settlers of Hungary. We who live here are linked with thousands of threads to the romantic landscape, the beautiful enviorns, the traditions and cultural values of our village.
There have been great changes in the life of the village during the last 15 years. Felújítások, parkok, építkezések jelezték a fejlődést, a tenni akarást. Renovations, parks and buildings occurred as signes of willingness for development. Visitors take delight in seeing all those today. The ikons of the Greek Catholic church give them a special experience. Nature-lovers get impressed by the rich fauna and flora of the enviorns. 
Introduction of the library
    Librarian: Mrs. Albert Komló

 The library has already operated in the beginning of the 60s.  The new library was formed in 1996 when the school building was enlarged. The library is nearly 100 m2 large, its holding consists of almost 10,000 books and 15 different kinds of journals are available for the readers.
 The furniture was renewed, too, thanks to the mobil library service.  A corner of tales is awaiting for children to help them get familier with books. Internet access is available for the patrons to extend their knowledge.
 Writer and reader meetings and special classes are regularly organized. Library lessons are included in the schedules of all classes in school, where children are taught the structure of the library, the use of the catalogue and the call numbers. They readily attend the screenings, the story-telling afternoons and the activities organized to extend their knowledge about literature. The library hosts the poetry and prose reader's and the story teller's competition.
Községi és Iskolai Könyvtár
3955 Kenézlő, Kárpát u. 1-3. sz.
Tel: 47/344-063, 06-20/360-9639,