Our settlement Trautsondorf, today Hercegkút, is one of the wine-producing village of the historical Tokaj wine-growing area. Trautsondorf was founded by German settlers in 1750. Its name was changed to Hercegkút in 1905. The population of about 730 people still has preserved the traditions, customs and holidays of the forefathers. The most important representatives of keeping the German identification are the German minority mixed choire and dance groups.  The objective mementos of the past can be seen in the Swabian village house while the sucesses and challenges of the present can be read about in the monthly paper entitled Hercegkúti Hírek (Hercegkút News) which has been published since 2000. 

  Besides the beautiful landskape and the well-kept environment, the lines of wine-cellars which have been part of the World Heritage since 2002 give the tourist attractiveness of the village. The the wine made from the grapes produced here is mellowed and stored in those wine-cellars.
     Introduction of the library
Librarian: Mr. Antal Joósz 
The Community Centre which was built in 1985 hosts the library and the Telecentre. The two operate as an integral unit. The holding of the library consists of 2800 books, CDs and DVDs. There are library materials available for on-site use, too. We provide electronic sources as well as an Internet access. It is of primary importance for us, to support life-long learning. We regularly organize library activites for primary school children to teach them how to use the library. High school, college and university students as well as adults can find books, journals and electronic documents to meet their interests. 
Német Nemzetiségi Községi Könyvtár
Hercegkút, Kossuth út 7.
Tel.: 47/346-298