Háromhuta is a little village situated in one of the valleys of the Zemplén Landscape-Protection Area. It is rich in forests and wilde animals. The exsitence of the village is thanks to prince Ferenc Rákóczi II who established a glass factroy here.  The glass factory has worked till the beginning of the last century. That period has been the golden age of the glassworks. The almost intacte natural envornment and the crystal-clear air of the mountains attract many people here to relax.  Unfortunatelly, many inhabitants have left the village as years passed. They moved to the towns in the hope of secure jobs.  Most of the present population belong to the elderly age groups. Traditions are important for them. They have preserved their Slovak language and they still speak it. 

Intorduction of the library
Librarian: Mrs. István Urbán
 Háromhuta had a school and a library in the middle of the 80s and then, as its population decreased, those institutions got closed. However, the year of 2004 brought changes in the life of the little village.  The library was opened again with its modern equipment, PCs with internet access and plenty of new materials. A collection of books for the Slovak minority was formed, too. Presently we have 65 registered readers, children as well as adults. This is a success because the population of the village is as many as 160 people. It gives us great pleasure that there are more and more patrons who come also to borrow books besides using the Internet. 
Községi Könyvtár
3936 Háromhuta Rákóczi út 18.
Tel.: 47/338-167