The village of Györgytarló is situated in Bodrogköz. It became the possesson of family Rákóczi through reigning princess Zsuzsanna Lorántffy. The incomes from estates of the Rákóczis, i.e. the landed properties of which are today Györgytarló and its enviorns covered the costs of the development of the Reformated College and the town of Sárospatak. They also provided farm produces for the students.  The princess donated this eatate to the College, hence it had long been considered as an estate belonging to the College. Györgytarló was named after prince György Rákóczi I. The state farm of Bodrogköz was established between 1948 and 1949. Fruit growing provided job opportunities for many people which accelerated the development of the village. Important buildings of it include the remains of the old country-house in Nagygyörgytarló, the Széchenyi Pump Plant, the Reformated and the Catholic churches, the memorial of the victims of the World War II,  the Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Community Arts Centre,the Comminity Centre, the Surgery and the Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Elementary School and Kindergatren.
1989-ben megkezdődött a Lorántffy Zsuzsanna általános Művelődési Központ fokozatos kiépítése. It happened in 1989 that the building of the Lorántffy Zsuzsanna General Community Art Centre began. The new wing has hosted the Community Centre and the gym. The Library moved here in 1992 as well. 
Introduction of the Library
     Librarian:  Katalin Varga
 The Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Primary School and Kindergarten had hosted the Library in the 1980s. Then the Community Centre was built and the Library moved there. Our collection includes books for people of every age group and with every field of interest. Our journal collection consists of monthlies and weeklies first of all. Children's Library offers poems, tales and bestsellers for the youth. Library classes are regularly organized during the academic year and we prepare for holidays in course of library activites. A playhouse is wayting for children during the summer. There are only two PCs available for the population of the village. The PCs work with total capacity. 

Községi Könyvtár
3954 györgytarló, Széchenyi út 7.
Tel.: 47/504-001, 47/304-023