The name of the settlement was mentioned  first after the Mongol invasion. The first written date occurred in 1353 when the Paulites built a monastry here. Zsuzsanna Lorántffy held Erdőhorváti from 1647.
 The village, as part of the Tokaj wine-.growing area, become the part of the world heritage in 2002.
 People lived on forestry, viniculture and farming. The Roman Catholic church of the village of a population about 670 people was consecrated in about 1332.  The Reformated church was originally bulit in 1556, but it burnt down later and was re-built only in 1789. The Greek Catholic church is a small, modern building. There is an intimate line of wine-cellars deepened in the hillside behind the Roman Catholic church. The traditional oven-baked pretzel of Erdőhorváti which is well-known all over the county is made and sold here, too. The enviorns of our village is popular with mineral collectors, for it is rich in different quartz varieties such as agate, opal and mainly red jasper.  There grow protected plants in the enviorns.
Introduction of the Library
      Librarian: Mrs. Árpád Soltész
The Library was formed from the small school library and the village library in 2003. Its holding had been stored in a room made up from the room of the previous Catholic school, but had not functioned for 10 years because we did not have the financial sources for it. The new library is hosted in the old gymnasium of the school. That gymnasium used to be a Greek Catholic chapel and school before. In that room we formed a cosy library room which is also used for classes. There is a media and PC corner with 4 PCs. Patrons can also print or scan here.  We purchased new shelves in 2007 and formed a Tale Room from the sanctuary of the former chapel.  The holding of the Library consists of nearly 7000 books and AV materials.  We provide book delivery on demand as well as inter-library loan and movie.

Községi és Iskolai Könyvtár
3935 Erdőhorváti, Petőfi út 1.