Bodrogolaszi is found inTokaj-hegyalján, along the River Bodrog. The settlement was founded in the age of the Árpáds, and also the Roman Catholic church was built then. Bodrogolaszi was named after the Italian (olasz) settlers who arrived here in the 13th century and dealt with viniculture.  

 Wine growing had been the main source of subsistence later on. The village had belonged to different noble families during the 15th century, such as the Pernyeis, the Pálócis and the Rákóczis. Family Lónyai possessed Bodrogolaszi in 1808. Great forests stretch about the village and give great possibilities to hunt. The River Bodrog provides good opportunities for those who are interested in water sports. 

The Library
Librarian: Katalin Korona 
 The Library provides possibilities to loan books and other materials as well as to spend leasure time usefully. We have three PCs with internet access. Our collection consists of 7000 books. We also collect journals, video cassetts, CDs and DVDs.  Emphasis is placed on collecting history books such as those about castels and churches from the age of the Árpáds. A Bodrog folyó közelsége miatt nagy szerephez jutnak a horgászatra vonatkozó dokumentumok, amiket igyekszünk rendszeresen beszerezni. Books about fishing are important because of the River Bodrog being near, so we regularly collect those books. Viniculture plays an important role in life of the people here, hence it is also important, to develop that collection, too. 
Községi Könyvtár
3943 Bodrogolaszi, Rákóczi u. 1.
Tel: 06-47/303-006, Fax: 06-47/503-000