Music Department

The Music Department of the Library was opened to the public in 1977. It has been operated in many different buildings since then and now it can be found within the House and Library of Culture as a separate part of it. To furnish the Department, we used the sources provided by the National Culture Found and the European Union.

 The Music Department makes CDs, DVDs and other sound media available both for library-use and loan, to meet the varying needs of the Patrons. 

 The Music Department is fit for different cultural programmes and group activities, too.

 Every year we organize a folk song competition which seems to be more and more popular.

Language learning has become important nowdays, too. The Music Department is fit for individual and group learning as well. Besides audio cassetts, the tool kits entitled "Könnyedén angolul" (Easy English) and "Könnyedén németül" (Easy German) are very useful. We also have loanable textbooks. Besides textbooks, testbooks and test sheets, different reference books, encyclopaedias, comprehensive history books and bibliographies are available, too.  

Most of the collection is made up of LPs containing classical and pop music as well as adult's literature, folk music and children's literature. We have collected video cassetts since 1992 and have a large number of CDs, too. Besides this, the colleciton of talking books will also be developed. Our collection has been constantly increased thanks to the application money provided by the National Cultural Fund, the Soros Fund and the Márai Project. Our CD-ROMs have been available for cultural group activities during the last few years, too. We commemorate compositors, events and anniversaries in our exhibitions.

The Music Department provides a refreshing time for everybody in our rushing, stressful world.

 The Music Department is open 14 p.m. to 16 p.m. on every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

 Every Patron is welcomed!