Special Collection of EU-Materials

The EU-Collection, the first one of its kind in the region, was established in 2002. The materials of the Collection are used very frequently, and has been constantly developed with the help of the applications invited by the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since then.
 We make these materials available for circulation and for on-site use, either. 
 We organize  EU-related programmes with the application money, too, for children, young people, pensionists and the different strata of society. The youth is interested primarily in jobs, further studies, languae exams and employment, so there has been lectures held on those topics for them. Pensionists could listen to lectures on the changes of the laws conserning their status, while librarians within and beyond the borders on librarian professional issues.
Furthermore, we have organized EU-related library activities ending with a quiz for seventh and eighth grade students.
 This service has been availabe within the frames of a communication programme about the Library organized by the Prime Minister's Office and has been desgined to provide wide access to the services of the EU-line and the EU public library network. 
A travelling exhibiton created with the support of the Alliance of Libraries and Information Institutes and the Ministry of Foreign affairs arrived in the Zrínyi Ilona Town Libraryon the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, in May 2007. This exhibition showed the history of the 50 years as well as the future, i.e. the EU strategic plans for the period between 2007 and 2013.
 Taking advantage of the EU-sources which become available in 2008, our Library won application money within the projects TIOP 1.2.3. and TÁMOP 3.2.4. With the help of these projects materialized under the gestorship of the II. Rákóczi Ferenc County Library, we were able to  achieve a development of 18 million HUF.