Children's Library

 The Children's Library functions as one of the departments of the Zrínyi Ilona Town Library. The Library moved into a larger building in 1968, which gave us the possibility, to furnish the Children's Library. A professional children's librarian had guided the children in the world of the books from that time.  Priority goal of the Library is to help school work. 

 Those students of the Teacher Training School who specialized in librarianship had their special courses here from 1978. The Children's Library organized programmes and reading camps for the summer holidays, too.

 The Library moved to its present place in 1983. The 13, 163 books of the Children's Library were placed in the 100 m2-large gallery, though the books have even nowdays been booked out in the Adult's Library, with those materials together.

 We have grouped the books by topics as fiction and non-ficiton and placed them onto open shelves by age groups.  The illustrated books, children's poetry, story-books and children's popular books are recommended for nursery school-and schoolchildren while youth literature and poetry are for school children over the age of 10. The reference library can be found next to the activity room. Children can brows among the books, take notes or make searches sitting at the tables here. To make the atmosphere even more friendly, we organize exhibitions and decorate the room with topical posters and pictures.

 Two special full-time librarians had worked for the Children's Library from 1986. Their job was to meet the needs of the increasing number of users, to organize and settle different programmes and to keep other institutions in contact. We go in the educational institutions surveying the needs at the beginning of the academic year. Then we organize a wide range of library programmes for children (such as library tripps  and activities related to literature, history or environmental studies), on advanced discussions with the teachers. In the library activities children can listen to tales and music, watch or take part in puppet shows, draw pictures or fold paper figures besides the use of the reference library. Recently we have encourage children to use CD-ROMs, too. We always select the tasks for this activities according to the needs and the age of the group. In co-operation with the school libraries we are able to meed the needs of the school children at a high level. Beyond the library services we maintain good relationships with another cultural institutions, too, by taking part in their activities as  jury members, or visitors to their programmes. We regularly hold playful activities for nursery school children. The remedial programmes we hold for disadvantaged children are of primary importance for us.

 Besides the children from Sárospatak, many others use our colorful services from all over the neigbouring settlements. There has been a constant increase in the number of the readers under the age of 14. We hold activites for 180 to 200 children a year. We are able to organise high-level programms with application money. Story teller and poetry competitions arose a great interest every year. Our well-known authors such as Dr. Csaba Csorba, Báéni Balogh, Katalin Weinrauch and others hold Writer and Reader meetings and special literature classes for children.

 Children have used our computer services (such as the Internet and the CD-ROMs) since 1998, too. We are going to process the children's library material with computer, so that we could level up our services.

 A child who attends the library regularly will become an adult with a need for culture and spritual development. It is essential to lay the basis for this in the early years, and the modern Children's Library provides good possibilities for that.