Adult's Library

 Entering the library gets the Patron to the Adult's library at once. The Patrons are welcomed at the circulation desk. The library staff is ready to give information both in person and by phone.  The librarians help the Patrons to find answers to their variable questions. They also recommend the latest materials to the Patrons and listen to their suggestions. The Patrons can apply for literary search, interlibrary loan and photocopying at the circulation desk.

There is a virtual reading room with 9 computers behind the circulation desk. A computer which was purchased from EU sources and has a scanner and a special read-out software is available for the visually impaired. Printing, scanning and CD-burning are also possible on demand. Well-trained librarians help the Patrons to get their bearings in the world of IT.
The latest issues of the newspapers and periodicals are available on the newspaper shelves. The Patrons can leaf through about hundred periodicals in the reading room. Photocopying is also possible here. Most of our journals and those press products which are publisched abroad have been purchased with the support of the National Culture Fond.
 The Patrons can browse the fiction and the non-fiction on the open shelves. Our reference library can be found in the reading room and is available for on-site use only. The Users also have the possibility, to study, to make notes and to read there.