Mission statement

Mission statement and objectives:
The Zrínyi Ilona Town Library, the House and Library of Culture makes available the library materials and the creations of imagination that :
  •  help people working effectively in the fields of economy and culture,
  • support high-level educational work,
  •  give opportunity to the reading and other cultural actvities as important activites of life ,
  •  provide the Patrons with information according to their fields of interest, make them aware of that information and help them to use it.
 We support equality of access and provide high-level services through the national library system (NDSS which is streched as National Document Supply System).
Our goals inculde:
  1. to provide high-level services,
  2. to provide values for the Patron's money as expected.
  3. On the survey of our Patrons' needs we also take the suggestions of the maintainer, the representatives of the local government and the visitors of the library into consideration.
  4. We pay special attention to those who need individual care because of the level of their education, because of their origin or disabilities.
  5. We report on our activites at local government meetings, culural programms and through the media.
  6. The rooms of the Library are clean, its interieur is friendly, cosy and suitable for library programms and activities.
  7. Both adults and children have separate reading rooms.
  8. We pay special attention to the renewal and maintainance of the infrastructure on hand.
  9. . We provide modern technical equipment such as softwares for the Patrons so that they could use our variable services. To develop and maintain those eqipment is a task of primary importance for us.
  10. The development of the collections depends partly on the Patrons' requests, partly on our financial possibilities.
  11. Being ordered topically, our holding of materials is easy to see through, to loan and to search.
  12.  Special collections are available for those who are interested in local history, music, the European Union or the subregions.
  13.  To help the orientation within the Library we give our Patrons information in person and make the catalogues available for them.
  14.  Is a book wanted but out of loan place we hold on it on demand. The Patron will be noticed after the book have been returned.
  15.  To provide free access to information is of primary importance for us.
  16.  We provide internet access to make high-level information available for use, exchange and transfer.
  17. The collections of newspapers and periodicals will be developed in accordance with the Patrons' requests and our financial possibilities.
  18. Each member of the staff has more than one degree, is qualified, prepared, helpful and polite. 
  19.  They attend yearly further trainings and classes according to their positions. They also have the opportunity, to extend their professional knowledge within the further training plan supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture in every seventh year.
  20.  To make our services even more popular, we organize different programms and co-operate with organizations that support the written culture.
  21. We deliver our books to the homes of elderly Patrons and Patrons with disabilities.
  22. We provide high-level library services within the subregion.
  23.  We provide high-level services to meet the needs of all our Patrons.