Rules for use

All library users authorized to the House of Culture and library, Public Library Zrinyi Ilona to use the services.

The institution visitors access free to these basic services: library visits, reading the documents on site, the use of catalogs, information about the library and Network.

In order to use the other services you have to enrol . When you register, you have to justify the name, date and place of birth, mother's maiden name, address, ID card or passport number. The change of personal data must be reported to the Library Zrinyi Ilona. The reader with signing the entry form assumes an obligation of the library rules and guidelines.

1. Membership fee: 800 HUF per year (365 days)
The first library card is free of charge, any further one is 100HUF

2. Patrons under the age of 16, employees of museums, archives and public culture institutions, disabled persons, people receiving regular social allowances and pensionists can use the services of the Library for free, in accordance with item b of paragraph 1 of section 100 of Act CXL of 1997, and so can the Hungarians living in the neighbouring countries in accordance with section 4 of Act LXII of 2001.

 Secondary school and high school students as well as teachers pay half of the membership fee on producing a valid student's or theacher's card.

3. 6 books can be borrowed for 3 weeks at any one time.
Library materials must be handled with care and returned within the loan period.
4. The loan period can be renewed maximum twice, as long as there is no hold placed on the materials. Renewal can be required in person, by mail or phone.
5.  Users who fail to return overdue books will be invoiced for them 5HUF/day
The postage for the warnings will be paid by the user.
6. A compensation must be paid or achieved for lost or damaged books as follows:
a.  a copy or a photocopy of the same edition for a lost book
b. compensation money for a book which is no longer available in the market; the sum of the compensation must cover the value of the book or the costs of the reproduction of it (photocopying and binding).

7. Charged services:
loan fee of periodicals: 100 HUF per week
photocopying: 25 HUF per page
printing texts from the PC: 36 HUF per page
colour printing: 100 HUF per page
scanning: 100 HUF per page
CD burning: 300 HUF
fax sending: 200 HUF per page
Manuals, encyclopedias, bound journals, bibliographies, CD- ROMs, can only be used locally.
Documents, that exist but being loaned, on request of the reader we mark them down and send notification when they arrive .
Documents that we havent in catalogue, we can get from another library. The reader has to bear the costs.
Message: electronically: free of charge, by phone 100 HUF / occasion
For the Lifetime readers of the library the annual registration is free of charge, photocopy to 10 pages with 50% discount.
Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 10 am to 17 pm,
Saturday: 9 am to 12 noon.
Summer opening hours: Monday - Friday: 10 am to 16 pm,
Saturday: 9 am to 12 noon.
The reader who break the library rules can be forbidden to attend the institution.
Sárospatak, 6th december 2012 Mrs. Sándor Kövér



1, Only registered users can take advantage of the music department's services.

2, Projecting video films for private purpose possible only in a prearranged time .

3, Using the musical and language documents locally is free of charge.

4, Rental fees:

CDs, DVDs, audio cassettes, video cassettes, 100 Ft / db / week
Vinyl record 30 Ft / pcs / week
Free audio books rental

3 pieces can be borrowed at a time.
The loan period may be extended once.

Late fee: 50 Ft / pcs / day

5, Music and language manuals can be used only locally.

6, The missing pieces we can get from other music collection. The reader have to bear the cost of hiring.

7, The music department is open:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 14 am to 16 pm

The reader who break the rules, can be forbidden to attend the institution!

Sárospatak, 6th december 2012 Mrs. Sándor Kövér